In a recent episode of WIRED’Tech Support — or as the Russo brothers call it, Avengers Support — the two directors of the world’s highest-grossing film Avengers: Endgame answered a volley of questions curated from Twitter, and as you may expect, their answers ranged from hilarious to serious, to even suggestive.

Time travel can be pretty confusing, so there’s no surprise that many of the fans’ questions revolved around “the Snap” and what was subsequently dubbed “the Blip” in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Russo brothers explained that “anybody who did go away at the Snap, when they come back they come back at the moment they went away,” while those who survived lived through the five years and thus aged accordingly. They also revealed why they chose five years to be the period of time for the Blip: “We wanted to pick a time that was long enough to force everybody to move on. We wanted everybody to go through a life cycle where they had to commit to an existence where this was their new reality. Five years seemed like the right amount of time for that.”

When asked about how Captain America would go about returning the Soul Stone — since it took Black Widow’s sacrifice to obtain it — the Russo brothers opted to reply with a comedic answer instead, perhaps not entirely sure of it themselves: “So you get an email like you do on Amazon, and then you have to print up a label, put it on the stone, and stick it in the mail. Goes back to where it’s from — keep your fingers crossed.”

The co-directors also used the opportunity to hint at possible future spin-offs and what the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series may entail. When asked about Scarlett Witch and what happened to Vision’s body, they simply suggested that “it feels like a story for another time” — a potential hint at the upcoming WandaVision series. The two gave a similar answer when asked about which Avenger they would want to be, with one of the Russo brothers answering Falcon because he’d be interested in seeing where his story leads as he takes on the mantle of Captain America, a clear shoutout to Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Finally, when asked perhaps the hardest question of them all — why they killed off Tony Stark — the duo simply replied: “Pass.”

You can check out the full 13-minute video above, and for more things Marvel related, Spider-Man: Far From Home is returning to theaters with extra footage.

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