A kind hearted Nigerian man bought a car for female Gokada Rider who Became Jobless due to the recent Okada Ban.

The man is said to be from Kokun Foundation. He bought a car for Viral Female Gokada Rider. Hardworking Sandra who works with Gokada Became A Viral Sensation After She Became Jobless due to the recent Okada Ban In Lagos.

The young lady was one of the most hard working Gokada personnel That sponsors herself Through school with the money she raise from the Gokada work she used to do.

When the Lagos State government banned the ride of Gokada,She was almost frustrated on what to do next.
According to her, the little money she got from the job of Gokada That was what she used to sponsor her education and carter for herself and younger ones .
She also revealed that presently she is undergoing ND IT training, that she was going to resume school very soon.

All tears has now been wiped from her eye as her lost hope has now been regained, thanks to Kokun Foundation.
watch video below

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