Earlier today,rumour of the death of a young artist has been going around, the news claimed that Rema died at 12:00pm today, first of February 2020.

This negative news has been causing a stir among his fans, followers and many Nigerians have been chipping in there own opinion about his death. Some said it is true, many more said it is a fake news.

The rumour of his death appeared on Wikipedia.
Type ” is Rema dead” on your search engine and this post (picture below) would appear.

So it is true that Wikipedia did write of his death, so that means the rumour must be true then,right?

Confusingly when you clicked on the Wikipedia link and read about the active status of Rema, it stills reads 2015-Present.

If truly he is dead then the post which was updated 2 hours before writing this post should have changed, but that wasn’t the case.

So it must have been a fake news after all. Someone must be playing a really expensive joke.

The rumour stated that Rena was found dead at his apartment in Lagos.

Sadly, at the time of writing this post nothing official is out to confirm if he is dead or alive.

Checking Rema’s twitter handle, his latest post was posted yesterday.

And some people claimed about having sent him twitter message but got no reply yet.

If truly the singer is still alive, he has yet to put the rumour to rest by speaking out.

As we hopefully wait until we hear something that confirm his ‘status’

We hope that it is truly a fake story and the young talented artist is still with us. If not it would be such a tragic loss.

Keep connected as you would be updated as we follow this story.


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