CEO MakHits celebrates another year alive!

On this January 12, 2019, the auspicious occasion of your birthday, your loyal followers, commenters and readers extend to you very happy birthday greetings.

Keshi Prince is the Founder of a giant music portal, MakHits.

We wish you a fabulous year, filled with all good things, including a multitude of music updates, one in particular which we will not name for fear of jinxing it, but you know what we mean, and also including lots of fascinating statistics, interesting upsets, excellent draft picks, unlikely wins by aging athletes nearly as old as you😜, towering lifetime accomplishments, outrageous music bloopers, and of course the ecstasy and the agony, etc.

Happy birthday to my amazing social media partner, great mentor, and most importantly, my incredible friend. My greatest wish for you in the coming year is that you are always reminded of how much you are loved! I hope that wherever life takes you, you find yourself surrounded by lots of love, laughter, friendship, and happiness. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

See his photos below:


CEO MakHits

CEO MakHits

CEO MakHits

CEO MakHits




I want to be the first to greet you this way
To write you a rhyming poem on your special day
May all your dreams come true
May you turn the page and start anew

Your blog is the very best
You should probably get some rest
This year is yours for the taking
Those stories are yours for the making

Thank you for being you
Here’s to all you’ve been through
I hope you enjoy what’s to come
While marching to the beat of your own drum.

Happy birthday, Keshi Prince! Sorry for this cringe-worthy post.

TheVouxShade Cares!!! ❤

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